Friday, May 25, 2007

I have been having fun doing The Biggest User Challenges over at Country Papercrafts.

As well as the bottom 3 points scorers being eliminated, this week all of the entries will be opened up to all registered users of Country Papercraft and you get to vote for your 5 favourite layouts.

The 3 with the fewest votes will also be eliminated!!!

Yep, that means 6 ladies will be gone by Sunday.

If you feel like putting in a vote just go and register here , voting will be open from 4pm (NZ time) Saturday until 1pm (NZ time) on Sunday.

There are 3 kiwis left in the comp ,Me (Sams Mum), Ann(scrapgurl) and Christi (NZ mommy) and a lot of very talented Australian ladies…. good luck to everyone who is in the comp.

Dancing Queen is my entry for this week.

Good Luck Ann and Christi.We have to stay off that fence.LOL


Hannah said...

Well done Lynda on doing so well in the competition!! I am planning to vote for all 3 of my "Kiwi friends" this time, can't have those Aussies dominating!!!!

Christi said...

YAY, Lynda! I think we will all done fine this round. I'm curious to see what Challenge 5 will bring! And how the final round will go. I'm glad you are still in the running ;) Keep up the great work!

scrapgeek said...

Very cool layouts - good luck :)

Ilka said...

Great LO's and best of luck!!!

Janine said...

good ulck Loo Loo although I figure you must know teh result by now. Love the dancing queen layout. stunning.

Mel said...

Wow Lynda - you have been prolific- great work!