Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sam's Garden:Here is my Mum(Denise) and Tony busy planting special trees for Sam yesterday.Lots of family and friends have brought trees and rose bushes for us to plant for Sam.

It warms my heart how kind people are to think of this.Thank-you everyone,so much.This garden is going to be a very special place for us to go and think of Sam.

Three days after Sam was born,my Dad and Gail took Katelyn and Max to town shopping and Dad wanted to buy a tree in memory of Sam.And he asked Katelyn and Max what type of tree they should get.
Katelyn said "A Orange tree as every time we pick a orange we can think of the juice being LOVE from Sam."
Well that just blow Dad and Gail away.More tears for Dad and Gail.

And more tear when they arrived home with the orange tree and told us the story.

It just shows you how much children's little minds are thinking all the time.I love our children so much.Katelyn,Max and Sam.XXX

We are going to finish the garden later today,so I will take a photo of the garden completed later and blog it.


janine said...

I liked that story when you told me that Loo Loo, and your right kids just know to say the right things at times. I can't see the photo though.

Ann said...

Kids say the sweetest things don't they....and usually just when you need it too.

Sound's like you all had a great time doing Sam's garden,that's just awesome!

I can't see the photo either though.

Mrs Frizz said...

That's so very special. Special memories and a special place to reflect.

Hannah said...

I can't see the photo, but what a precious thing Katelyn said about the orange tree - man, I had tears in my eyes reading that! What a sweetie!

Sam's tree sounds awesome - I'm sure it will be a much-loved tree.

Mel said...

Just caught up with this story, Lynda. Just love it - what a treasure!