Thursday, May 03, 2007

Our Baby Sam is being acknowledged!!

Yesterday I received a letter from The Department of Internal Affairs asking us to register Sam's birth.I was so happy to receive this as we were told at the hospital stillborn babies needed to be 23 weeks to be registered and we lost our Darling Sam at 20 weeks.

When we left ed the hospital I felt so strange,because I had no id band removed(because I didn't have one on).There was no paper work for us.I felt our little darling didn't matter and we were being let out the back door quietly.Surely we should have some paper work to take to the funeral home?This didn't make alot of sense to us.

And we may be able to get a birth certificate.


Hannah said...

I think it is great that you are finally getting some confirmation and paperwork - especially having a birth certificate will be special and precious.

Ann said...

That's wonderful Lynda, i'm very happy for you.

Janine said...

was lovely to read this Loo Loo. Nice to have that confirmation that his birth means something to someone else other than family and friends.

Kelly said...

Hey Lynda
Lovely to read this. Too easy for bureaucracy get in the way of what is intensely important and personal to a family. Wonderful that you are able to get confirmation that Sam existed and passed.