Thursday, February 28, 2008

OMG..What a funny morning.Firstly I grabbed a quick coffee with J and had quite a few laughs with her.Then I went back to school and helped with writting in Max's class.Oh 5 year olds are so cute.And serious!!!

One of the little girls was meant to be writing a story.First she got her book and wrote out her story from the day before.Funny.I said "Oh you need to write a new story today".Her reply was "I like to copy".So cute.

Then she said she would write a poem and I said that would be awesome.So then 2 minutes later I found her copy a poem from there poem chart.LOL.10/10 for thinking.

Then Mum and I went bra shopping.Well this was all quite and well behaved until we shared a fitting room together.The fun we had.The sales lady was awesome help.But I do think she thought we were crazy.
We did have a real good giggle.
And thanks Mum for buying my bra's for me.Your the best but you did know that.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ok so I have boomed out of Janine's Photo challenge sorry.Not having my computer for 10 about days has made it very hard to keep up.Sorry.

Mich here are some photo's of Max's Pirate party last Nov'.

Ship at construction stage!!
Treasure Island cake.
And the start of destruction of Max's ship!!
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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Day 7: Very special to us .Dave and Erin's wedding day love.And I will be seeing them Friday at 5pm.Yippee.And Lori.
And I am busy packing today to go down to the West Coast for my cousin wedding.And here is what I am packing for Lori.Isn't all just so sweet.
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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Day 5:Today I have been sewing a outfit to wear to my cousin wedding this weekend. I hope it turns out well as do want it to be special.After 6-7 hours I have spent sewing it ,it better be special.LOL

Oh and day 5's challenge is late because my camera batteries were flat.
Here's is my special thing today.It's Eddy and Kere's Yucca plant that has come to live with us, they didn't want to shift it south with them.Thanks Guy's ,we love you both.

Day 6:Tony is a awesome Dad and you often on a weekend find him in the kitchen with Katelyn and Max making pancakes.They are very yummy and we all love them.The blur cross the photo is Max's arm.He was Dad's helper today.
Here's a job for us to do today.Covering the school books.Got to love this job.LOL
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Monday, February 04, 2008

Day 4 of Janine's Challenge:
Going to school today for the first time in 2008 was very special for Katelyn and Max as I woke up to the sounds of them making their lunch at 6.15am this morning.They were dressed,bags packed,hair not done by 6.30am.So cute.Please keep up the great excitment for school for rest of the year my darlings.
And here they have their new school bags.
Our special place for today was the swiming pool.And yes the kids did have a swim before it poured with rain.And the rain was great for us too.Napier is queit dry at the moment.
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Sunday, February 03, 2008

This is a very special room in our home.Tony and I live here.LOL.It's very beautiful and exacltly what I wanted and Tony likes it too.Sorry not the best photo.
And this is what Tony has finished today.Isn't he clever.Look's great Honey.Well done.

I have been busy making some of Ali Edwards felt books.They are alot of fun.Mrs Frizz's one will start winging it's way to her place Monday morning.I will take some photo's later.Better get my Darlings into bed,first.They are very excitted and need to calm down alot.
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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Ok my special things today are my beautiful earthy vases Tony gave to me for a birthday present about 4 years ago.He told me they were for our entrance in our new house and that's where they are now.I did have to wait 3 years to place them there.Thats ok because good things take time.And our home Tony built is awesome.
Now this is something we did today,well mainly Tony.He was up very early this morning to head out to his work site , because it was for Mucking In and he couldn't be late.He needed to hear the rules and all the safety speech.Funny.I hope you listened well Honey.LOL.

Overall he had a great day.Just had to tell one man he knew what he was doing and to please go help someone esle.LOL

Funny thing 2 other companies working near Tony had the same colour shirts on.Oh bugger.That didn't work.

I am very proud of you Tony.Way to go.
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Friday, February 01, 2008

OK I haven't been here for along time.But I have been having fun with my children for the holiday's and with Tony before he went back to work.We went camping at 2 different spots and had a blast.I will tell you about that later.

I have joined a challenge that Janine has put on her blog.So I have taken 2 photo's.The first 1 is going to be something I have done that day.And the 2nd is special place or something specail in our home or garden.

So today I have been getting these's hats and T-shirt's together.Because tomarow Tony is going to be on the "Mucking In" show.He will be building a Firth's Outdoor Fireplace.He is so clever!!!Oh and so nervous!!
He will be fine.

And yes I have ironned these's since taking the photo.

Katelyn and Max are so proud of there Dad.And so am I.
Special Place Number One : is Sam's Place and this is very special to the whole family.We all go there to chat to him and sing to him,cry,give flower's to Sam or just say "Hi Sam".

Mummy loves you Sam.And Daddy and Katelyn and Max.xxxxxxxxxooooooxxxxxxxxx

Yesterday, a year ago was the day I answered the phone to my Midwife Becky.She had some news that worried us for the next 8 weeks.She said to me we need to run more tests.
I will never forget that night.

I love you My Sam.
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