Sunday, February 03, 2008

This is a very special room in our home.Tony and I live here.LOL.It's very beautiful and exacltly what I wanted and Tony likes it too.Sorry not the best photo.
And this is what Tony has finished today.Isn't he clever.Look's great Honey.Well done.

I have been busy making some of Ali Edwards felt books.They are alot of fun.Mrs Frizz's one will start winging it's way to her place Monday morning.I will take some photo's later.Better get my Darlings into bed,first.They are very excitted and need to calm down alot.
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kiwimich said...

Nice outdoor fireplace - would love one of them! :)

Angelgurl said...

Tony thats looks awesome Dude!! You have done a fricken fantastic job, you should be proud of that. I hope you get lots of Kudos from this.

Mrs Frizz said...

Kewlies ... look forward to exciting mail in my mail box ... will let you know when the pigeon carrier has arrived.

Love the look of that bbq ... wow very clever Tony. Most impressed.

And I seriously laughed with the kids being out of bed ... THAT early on their first day back at school. Definitely scrappable.