Monday, September 17, 2007

Here's our darling at sunset outside her new kennel,that we got on TM.Awesome as we didn't have time to build one for Mocca.We are going to build a run soon.So at the moment she is outside our bedroom.I want to plant some tree's in her run so she has shade in the there's another job on our list to do.Build garden,plant tree's down driveway,Plant the stone gardens at front and at outsde area and outside dinning room window.Oh and finish painting.Yuk.

Well better go start icing slice for kindy meeting tonight.And cook dinner early as we have Brownies tonight and that means lots of running around after school.
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Ok I have just been checking out Kelly Rotherham's new blog and she is doing some cool things over there.
Check it out here:

Classes ,tips and free classes.And they are looking very cool.So go have a little peek.

More news about our newest member of our family.MOCCA has her new kennel and she loves it.And looks so cute when she sticks her head to see whats going on.Katelyn and Max are having a great time with her and can't get enough of her.It is very hard to get them to leave her alone for a sleep in the weekends.She has slept most of this morning trying catch up.I will go and upload some more photo's now and share them soon.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I love this layout of Lori and I ,we both have the same middle names.

"Find your Path follow your Bliss".
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This is what I have been up to lately.I loved making the bling crown.

This photo cracks me up.Ratbags.
Title "Wicked Bestfriends" and the small amount of journalling says 'most of the time'.

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This is my Jack of Ann's layout.To check out Ann's layout clink on her name on my sidebar.

This is the layout of "Mocca" our new puppy."WE HAVE OUR MOCCA".I had fun scrapliftting Ann's layout.Thanks Ann.And congratulations.
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Thursday, September 13, 2007

This is my latest layout for Scrapbook Essentials Comp'.It was show your technique.

My was hand stitching.

I love this photo of Max he was so funny around the water.He love it and hated it.
Funny.But he did enjoy his ride on the jet ski.He didn't like it when he and Daddy fell off the biscuit.
Mind you I didn't like it either.Mummy moment.

I can't ever get to take a photo square.It's so frustrating.
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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Saturday morning and we went to pick up our beautiful Chocolate Brown Lab from Robyn.Thanks very much Robyn.This is Katelyn and Max meeting puppy.Oh they just loved her.She is so cute.
This is her back at our house meeting Spotty and Cuddles Brown.
Playing ball om our new lawn.Yeah it is really starting to look good after all our hard.(The Lawn).
Our Little Lady having a sleep on her new blanket.So cute.We are so lucky.After years of wanting a dog we now have one.Growing up on a farm and around lots of dogs ,I really want a dog and now is just perfect timing.I love watching Katelyn and Max playing with her.Boy is she hard to get a good photo of.On the go all the time.

Thanks for checking our new baby out.

Go the Alblacks!!!!!!!!
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Friday, September 07, 2007

This is my layout for this weeks double layout challenge at Scrapbook Essentials.I finished it late last night and I am much happier with this photo that I took this morning.The one in the gallery is terrible.I will just have to get my layouts done earlier so I don't have to take the photo's at night.

Guess what we get a puppy tomarow.Yippee.I can't wait and Katelyn and Max don't know yet,so I can't wait to see their faces.I better get going,I am helping Mum pull up her carpet today.
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