Thursday, November 30, 2006

I visited Rhi's Blog and found this.Strange.

Lynda --


Like in nature to a train-riding hobo

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Ok so I haven't started dinner yet.But I did go feed the bunnies while these's photos loaded.

Here's a couple of shots from Janine and Mike beautiful day. Posted by Picasa
Here are my Babies sleeping their first night in their new bedrooms.The excitment was unbeleaveable after building your new home for just over 3 years.
We are all high with excitment still.And very tired too.

We have had a very busy few weeks Janine and Mikes Do(which was great and we all had a great time and lots of laughs and it was great to see Janine and Mike course,Ann and Michelle.)we moved over 3 days,Max turned 4,Katelyn had 2 shows for her Tap Dance,our Wedding Ann',2 lots of visitors,cleaning,unpacking new furniture ,oh and more cleaning.

We had our brand new leather lounge suite here for a day and a half before we got it unpacked.LOL.And then it was my Dad who did it for me.Thanks Dad.

There has been a few teething problems,but who cares,we are here.And who needs to cook in her brand new oven anyway.We have a BBQ.LOL.

But it better be going soon so I can bake Xmas cake.

Max's Bunny died on its 3rd night here as our neighbours dog came over and hassled it.I will be having some strong words to say to them!!!It was so heart breaking as we have only had Maxine for 1 year and 2 days as Max got her for his 3rd birthday.
And to twist the the knife alittle more she has 5 baby bunnies(only 3 weeks old).

So now we are hand rearing them.They are so cute.The morning Maxine died ,Holly (Tonys niece) rang and said her parents said she is aloud a bunny for christmas.That nearly did me in as I was so frightened they may not make it.Holly wants the white one.It's nearly been a week and they seem to be doing really well.Fingers crossed.

I will put some photo's up in a few days of our cute bunnies.

I better go start dinner.LOL.Tired children.

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Friday, November 10, 2006

Our Dare this week is to create a card which must incorporate another Language!

So mine is "Love from around the World"


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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Oh ok I am about to blow my boiler ,I keep losing my posts.

So I am not typiny all of that for a 3rd time.

These's are my COOL pressies from Tony,Katelyn and Max.

Thanks to Jane,Keryn and Beverly for the beautiful birthday cards!!!!

I am so going to do some packing now.

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

This is my "Crazy Boy" Max.He seems to think its his job to entertain his family.And I can tell you he does it very well.
These photo's were both taken on Saturday.

He had us in stitches with oh no cros eating my nose.The sound effects and movement.Ratbag.

I can't beleave he will be 4 in a few weeks.

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