Sunday, November 26, 2006

Here are my Babies sleeping their first night in their new bedrooms.The excitment was unbeleaveable after building your new home for just over 3 years.
We are all high with excitment still.And very tired too.

We have had a very busy few weeks Janine and Mikes Do(which was great and we all had a great time and lots of laughs and it was great to see Janine and Mike course,Ann and Michelle.)we moved over 3 days,Max turned 4,Katelyn had 2 shows for her Tap Dance,our Wedding Ann',2 lots of visitors,cleaning,unpacking new furniture ,oh and more cleaning.

We had our brand new leather lounge suite here for a day and a half before we got it unpacked.LOL.And then it was my Dad who did it for me.Thanks Dad.

There has been a few teething problems,but who cares,we are here.And who needs to cook in her brand new oven anyway.We have a BBQ.LOL.

But it better be going soon so I can bake Xmas cake.

Max's Bunny died on its 3rd night here as our neighbours dog came over and hassled it.I will be having some strong words to say to them!!!It was so heart breaking as we have only had Maxine for 1 year and 2 days as Max got her for his 3rd birthday.
And to twist the the knife alittle more she has 5 baby bunnies(only 3 weeks old).

So now we are hand rearing them.They are so cute.The morning Maxine died ,Holly (Tonys niece) rang and said her parents said she is aloud a bunny for christmas.That nearly did me in as I was so frightened they may not make it.Holly wants the white one.It's nearly been a week and they seem to be doing really well.Fingers crossed.

I will put some photo's up in a few days of our cute bunnies.

I better go start dinner.LOL.Tired children.

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Janine said...

oh i love those curtains in Katelyns room......very cool. Glad to see you have moved in. Sorry to hear about Maxine. That's a shame. How did the party go for Max and the golden arches? Oh I can't wait to come and visit.....glad you are all in your new place though...

Angela said...

I'm like Janine, I first noticed the curtains, they are very scrapbookish, if you know what I mean, they actually look like SEI papers! Glad to hear you are in your own house, no better feeling. Sorry to hear about your rabbit, know what it's like, we have guinea pigs, and we have had a few deaths, but good to hear the babies are doing ok.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you all on finally moving in to your new house... boy what a busy time you have had!

It's a shame to read about Maxine.
But with you as a surrogate mum i'm sure all the babies will be okay.

Caitlyn really wants a bunny but I have had to say no as I think Blue would hassle it too much.

Mel said...

The kids (and their rooms!) look gorgeous. Sorry about your rabbit. My sister lost hers when some kids came to play and seriously hassled it - never being invited back. Hope everyone has got over the trauma.

How exciting that you are 'in' your new house.My friend Lesley was asking how it's going (she doesn't even know you but she's one of the people hiring your house with us in January). We can't wait to see it! Love the colours in the kids rooms.

karen said...

How exciting to be in your long-built house! All by yourselves :-)
Sorry to hear about your rabbit. Hope the baby bunnies do well with lots of care.

Anonymous said...

Aww bless dont they look angelic. I love the coordinated fabrics in their rooms too, so funky! Enjoy settling in to your new home, Rhi x

Kel said...

Glad you're settling into your new home ok - I loved the curtains too! So sorry to hear about Maxine :-( Bunnies can be so fragile can't they? I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the babies...