Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Oh ok I am about to blow my boiler ,I keep losing my posts.

So I am not typiny all of that for a 3rd time.

These's are my COOL pressies from Tony,Katelyn and Max.

Thanks to Jane,Keryn and Beverly for the beautiful birthday cards!!!!

I am so going to do some packing now.

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Janine said...

oh niceeeeeee. Actually I knew something was funny was going on cos you had a post up the otehr day of photos of katelyns birthday and your blog wouldn't let me save a comment. I came back a few hours later and it had gone!!! freakyyyyy

Ann said...

Nice flowers Lynda and the candle thingy (good description aye) is fab!

Have you got a bug on your blog?
(Dare ya to say that really fast after a few glasses of vino)


Paula said...

Lovely flowers. didn't you get some nice cards too!! Pays to have crafty mates sadly none of mine show the slightest inclination...

Mel said...

Happy birthday! And packing - is it happening?

Kathy said...

Lovely flowers Lynda

Nice cards too! Jope you had a wonderful Birthday

Anonymous said...

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