Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Oh no my Baby is nearly 5!!!!!!!!!!Someone please stop the world!!
Max is on his school visit here to room 13 at Taradale Primary School.He really enjoyed himself.They made a little turtle each,their 5 new little people visiting.

We all are very busy here building a pirate ship for Max's birthday Party from a Fridge box.Wow it turned out great.I will have some more pictures soon.

I am going to take a break now for lunch and I will be back later to catch up on rest of November's fun.
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Katelyn's school had a Halloween Night Disco.So she dress-up as a Mummy.Doesn't she look so great.She won the best dressed prize for the girls. I was so proud of her.She was so brave.She sure got alot of attention.That frecked her out abit.

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We have started Max and Katelyn at athletics for the summer and they are loving it.I love going down and watching enjoy themselves.So cute and so determined.

We have spent alot of time around at Mum's house , I pulled up the old carpet while Tony tiled the kitchen,entrance ,laundry and dining room.I also packed alot for Mum so the Painters could come in and get started.Tony spent a couple of days stripping wall paper.I overhauled the gardens ,as they hadn't been done for ages.
2 weekend's ago I cleaned for two days and dressed the house to go on the market.And spent 2 more days on gardens and garden sheds.Talk about cleaned out.But all is great as it went on the market last Tuesday and sold on Saturday.Awesome Mum is so happy.So she is really enjoying her time down with Dave,Erin and Lori.

I turned 36 in early November and I have started to get on to losing some weight.And so far so good.Lots more to do.
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Mocca's on the move, to her new home,it's getting to hot to hang here anymore.So checkout what Dad has done for Mocca.

So cute trotting after Tony.

We think we might call it Cafe Mocca.

The next morning got some shade cloth and put it over half of the crate and planted some climbing roses ,grasses and other climbs around to gave her some protection.I must go out and take a photo of the finished Cafe Mocca.LOL

Great job Max ,Katelyn and Tony!!!!
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Here Max and Tony are working hard to get Mocca's new run ready.

Talk about Mini Me!!Both love to be working hard out.

Leaving a lasting impression to mark history.
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Labour weekend we baked some Awesome cookies for our friends Euan,Aaron and Amy.

We went to check out this wonderful spot we are going to go camping in the summer holiday's and we also had a lovely picnic there with Dave and Shelia and the kids.Max and Euan didn't get wet but poor Katelyn slipped over and got a wet muddy bum and wasn't impressed at all in her new birthday clothes.

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We took Mocca to Puppy School.Well this so funny.The first night I nearly wet my pants laughing ,it was so funny.5 puppies just going nuts.It was great fun.Katelyn and Max loved it.Katelyn is holding Cocoa(above) and below she is holding Patrick.

Here is some of the craziness.
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We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful country.I love farm life.

Erin,Dave and Lori ,aren't they a beautiful family.Thanks guys for having me I had a blast.I love you all so much!!!

I just love this photo.I so remember my Dad being on the phone heaps when we were younger.And Little Lori looks so cute just hanging there with DAD.
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This is Lori checking out whats going on out the Lounge window.And what a view it is.It morning tea time for this very cute Hereford calf.

Isn't she lucky have that view out her window.I loved growing up on our farm ,it was so much fun to and help with all the farm jobs.Feeding out,tagging new calves,shifting mobs and checking lambing ewes.

Dave works so hard on the farm you often find him here with Lori.LOL
The farm is huge compared to the farm we had when I was growing up and I couldn't get used to the huge pack of dogs Dave has for the farm.Feeding time was like a 3 ring circus.And there is 3 more that aren't in this picture.
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This is my favourite photo of Katelyn from her sleepover night.The girls all made their own pizza.They loved it.

Then the next night we had a paddock party with our next door neighbours, the party was for them shifting to their new section and their new home warming.And later in the evening we found out it was Marion's birthday in the morning so there was cake too.The children thought that was great ,as you can see.

Senz South was great!!!!!This is one of the l/o's I did and I still haven't finished.I really enjoyed meeting Michelle,Tanya,Vicki,Julie,Gaye,Michelle(mich).We had a great time and lots of laughs at the crop that Tanya arranged for us.The days went to fast and it's hard to do classes and shop with limited time.
I lefted Christchurch early Sunday morning to visit Dave(my brother),Erin(SIL) and Lori(MY NIECE).
I just had the best time.It was so good to catch up with them and just spend time 1 on 1.Because we are so far away from them it's aways so crazy when we catch and it seems its the kids who get all the time with them.But I got to be greedy and hog them.I sure missed Tony,Katelyn and Max.I have never been away from them for 6 days before.

Lori was at such a cute age.We had lots of fun.She is just so beautiful.
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Katelyn very happy with her CD player and new dress from Nana.
Cake time!!No Max never keeps still.
Castle cake we had for her sleepover.Abit rushed this year.
Having fun in the lounge.

Oh I can see I am not going to get anything in order.
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46 Days since I was last here:Ops.

What have I(we) been doing?Good question.

*We celebrated Tony's birthday, at Lonestar,it is so nice there.Max and Katelyn love it.

*We celebrated Katelyn's 8 th birthday and she had 4 friend stay the night in the lounge.Lot's of fun and laughs.I will put some photo's up soon.

*About 24 hours after Katelyn's friend's went home we discovered Katelyn had Nits for the first time.Yuk.What a massive job they are.And I had to ring all Katelyn's friends Mum's to tell them.(And I can't believe that not 1 of them got nits.They were all in 1 big bed together.Thank goodness.)

Oh and I was heading South in 4 sleeps for Senz,Tony sure was left a big job to handle.And he did a great job.I love you Honey.

*We had a great birthday for Katelyn,we had another cake and her favorite dinner and she loved her present.A CD player for her room ,oh and of course High School Musical CD.She went crazy,we choose a great present.

I will continue this after coffee later today.Busy morning we are heading to school earlier this morning to take food to pack the bus for Christmas.We need to be at school at 8am.Eek.