Tuesday, December 04, 2007

46 Days since I was last here:Ops.

What have I(we) been doing?Good question.

*We celebrated Tony's birthday, at Lonestar,it is so nice there.Max and Katelyn love it.

*We celebrated Katelyn's 8 th birthday and she had 4 friend stay the night in the lounge.Lot's of fun and laughs.I will put some photo's up soon.

*About 24 hours after Katelyn's friend's went home we discovered Katelyn had Nits for the first time.Yuk.What a massive job they are.And I had to ring all Katelyn's friends Mum's to tell them.(And I can't believe that not 1 of them got nits.They were all in 1 big bed together.Thank goodness.)

Oh and I was heading South in 4 sleeps for Senz,Tony sure was left a big job to handle.And he did a great job.I love you Honey.

*We had a great birthday for Katelyn,we had another cake and her favorite dinner and she loved her present.A CD player for her room ,oh and of course High School Musical CD.She went crazy,we choose a great present.

I will continue this after coffee later today.Busy morning we are heading to school earlier this morning to take food to pack the bus for Christmas.We need to be at school at 8am.Eek.

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Hannah said...

Happy Birthday Katelyn! Cool cake, Lynda! And it looks like the sleepover was a lot of fun :-)