Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Oh no my Baby is nearly 5!!!!!!!!!!Someone please stop the world!!
Max is on his school visit here to room 13 at Taradale Primary School.He really enjoyed himself.They made a little turtle each,their 5 new little people visiting.

We all are very busy here building a pirate ship for Max's birthday Party from a Fridge box.Wow it turned out great.I will have some more pictures soon.

I am going to take a break now for lunch and I will be back later to catch up on rest of November's fun.
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Hannah said...

Wow, that's a lot of posts in one day!! I can't possibly comment on them all, but it's been nice reading and seeing pics of what you have been up to lately. Awww, it must be hard having your baby start school! He looks happy at his visit though. And Mocha is looking cute in those photos, she's grown quite a bit!
We are also doing athletics with our boys - and they both love it. It's a great thing to get involved in, good variety and they learn a lot of great skills.

Ann said...

What a mammoth post.....lol

Nice to see you blogging again, i can't believe how busy you have been?

Katelyn looked so cute as a mummy.
Max look's very grown up sitting in class.

Mocca has grown heaps....great new home Tony.

Lori is gorgeous, it's nice to hear you had such a good time visiting her.

I hope Max's party goes well, i'm looking forward to seeing the finished pirate ship.

Take care,
xx Ann

Janine aka Angel gurl said...

Sounds like a busy time. Looks like all is well in your world. Good newws about yuor mums home selling sof ast. Thats way cool. Well done Miss C for winning the best girl prize. I trust max is enjoying school.

Mrs Frizz said...

Welcome back to blogging world Lynda ... great to read through your posts ...

Mel said...

Wow school - hasn't that happened quickly. I hope he enjoys it and I hope you enjoy the extra time!

Alison said...

My baby Liam is off to school next month, they grow so fast dont they...too fast. What will i do with no kids at home it will be so weird. Great photos