Friday, February 01, 2008

OK I haven't been here for along time.But I have been having fun with my children for the holiday's and with Tony before he went back to work.We went camping at 2 different spots and had a blast.I will tell you about that later.

I have joined a challenge that Janine has put on her blog.So I have taken 2 photo's.The first 1 is going to be something I have done that day.And the 2nd is special place or something specail in our home or garden.

So today I have been getting these's hats and T-shirt's together.Because tomarow Tony is going to be on the "Mucking In" show.He will be building a Firth's Outdoor Fireplace.He is so clever!!!Oh and so nervous!!
He will be fine.

And yes I have ironned these's since taking the photo.

Katelyn and Max are so proud of there Dad.And so am I.
Special Place Number One : is Sam's Place and this is very special to the whole family.We all go there to chat to him and sing to him,cry,give flower's to Sam or just say "Hi Sam".

Mummy loves you Sam.And Daddy and Katelyn and Max.xxxxxxxxxooooooxxxxxxxxx

Yesterday, a year ago was the day I answered the phone to my Midwife Becky.She had some news that worried us for the next 8 weeks.She said to me we need to run more tests.
I will never forget that night.

I love you My Sam.
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AngelGurl said...

Have fun Tony, you will be awesome!!! You have to let us know when you will be on TV. Wow Lynda go you and the ironing, sigh I wish I had the appetitie to iron
:-P. Hey good to see you share Sam's special place. Hugs for you all.

Mrs Frizz said...

Thinking of you Lynda ... big hugs my friend.

And what a special and precious place.

kiwimich said...

Big hugs Lynda, a lovely special place