Saturday, February 02, 2008

Ok my special things today are my beautiful earthy vases Tony gave to me for a birthday present about 4 years ago.He told me they were for our entrance in our new house and that's where they are now.I did have to wait 3 years to place them there.Thats ok because good things take time.And our home Tony built is awesome.
Now this is something we did today,well mainly Tony.He was up very early this morning to head out to his work site , because it was for Mucking In and he couldn't be late.He needed to hear the rules and all the safety speech.Funny.I hope you listened well Honey.LOL.

Overall he had a great day.Just had to tell one man he knew what he was doing and to please go help someone esle.LOL

Funny thing 2 other companies working near Tony had the same colour shirts on.Oh bugger.That didn't work.

I am very proud of you Tony.Way to go.
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AngelGurl said...

now that is a special object and it looks stunning. But then again your whole house is stunning. Well done Tony and doesn't he look great.

Mrs Frizz said...

Loving your vases and t-shirts look fab - so you will have to share with us when the big TV programme is screening.

Ann said...

Love the lights and your vases!
Well done Tony!!!....that's fantastic stuff ;-)

Lynda said...

They aren't aloud to tell us when it will be screening.That the TV business for you.

kiwimich said...

Go Tony! Cool vases!