Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Day 5:Today I have been sewing a outfit to wear to my cousin wedding this weekend. I hope it turns out well as do want it to be special.After 6-7 hours I have spent sewing it ,it better be special.LOL

Oh and day 5's challenge is late because my camera batteries were flat.
Here's is my special thing today.It's Eddy and Kere's Yucca plant that has come to live with us, they didn't want to shift it south with them.Thanks Guy's ,we love you both.

Day 6:Tony is a awesome Dad and you often on a weekend find him in the kitchen with Katelyn and Max making pancakes.They are very yummy and we all love them.The blur cross the photo is Max's arm.He was Dad's helper today.
Here's a job for us to do today.Covering the school books.Got to love this job.LOL
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Hannah said...

The outfit looks gorgeous - I love that colour and fabric! Hope you'll share a pic of the finished garment. How clever are you?? I can't sew at all!

Hmmm, covering the school books has to be a hated job around the country right now!! I used to love doing my own when I was at school, but now I'm not quite so excited about it! LOL ;-)

Angel Gurl said...

love the effect of max's arm being ablur, lokos pretty cool. Of course your skirt will be special!! Your sewing is fricking awesome. Thats a lotta stationary to cover. Eddy and Kere are the couple that came to your house when we were at your place last year?? Hows Mocca these days?