Sunday, July 22, 2007

Wow you need to go check this out over at Scrapbook Essentails.Sounds like lots of fun.Meg has been busy arranging this for us.

So run and check it out over at Scrapbook Essentails now!!!!!
Here's the link:

I will see you there soon.Sign up today.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Katelyn and Max have also been busy making cards for a swap at Scrapbooking Essentails.

Opps ,sorry I haven't rotated the images.

These are Max's cards on the left hand side and he is very proud.He gave 1 to his friend Luke at his 5th birthday party this morning.

Katelyn's are on the right and now I can't stop her making cards.Her Dad was laughing at me last night because she kepted coming out with full sheet of cardstock and wanting to cut them up.And I couldn't say to him they are $1.30 each.LOL.

We have been counting for my Brother Dave and Sister-in Law to come stay and bring our new baby Lori to see us and yesterday Dave told us the wrong day and we now have to add another day onto ours sleeps we have been counting.Katelyn and Max aren't happy.10 more sleeps.

I can't wait to hug Lori.And at the same time I am very nervous about meeting her.Sam would have been due in a little under 1 months time.And it's not much fun and it should be a very exciting time.Life isn't always perfect.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This is the start to Katelyn and Max's Etsy animals,they choose
the fabric,ribbon,buttons and thread.We are about to tackle them now.So stay tune if you would like to see the finished animals.

Katelyn's!! Max's!

Janine and Mike visited us at the weekend and we had lots of laughs.I made Janine 2 skirts and Tony and Mike played play station. Janine helped Katelyn and Max with there book reviews for Winter Warmers Programme.Thanks Janine.And thanks for the lovely meal we had out at the Gintrap.
Thanks for your company guys.Mike I hope you don't mind being out shone next time you take your wife out for dinner in her new skirt.LOL