Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This is the start to Katelyn and Max's Etsy animals,they choose
the fabric,ribbon,buttons and thread.We are about to tackle them now.So stay tune if you would like to see the finished animals.

Katelyn's!! Max's!

Janine and Mike visited us at the weekend and we had lots of laughs.I made Janine 2 skirts and Tony and Mike played play station. Janine helped Katelyn and Max with there book reviews for Winter Warmers Programme.Thanks Janine.And thanks for the lovely meal we had out at the Gintrap.
Thanks for your company guys.Mike I hope you don't mind being out shone next time you take your wife out for dinner in her new skirt.LOL


Janine said...

awww I was having a bad hair day lol. Mike enjoyed himself. How are those etsy animals looking???

Hannah said...

Ooh, can't wait to see the finished animals! I'm sure they'll have lots of fun making them.

Nice that you enjoyed your weekend with Janine and Mike. Sounds like fun!

Kelly said...

I love the colours you guys picked!

Lynda - it would be really cool to see some instructions if you are able to.... this sounds like a great holiday project!

Mel said...

I've heard about those skirts - how awesome that you sew - I so can't. We need photos!

Ann said...

Great to hear you all had a wonderful weekend together, love the photos!

Can't wait to see how Katelyn and Max's animals turn out.

Mrs Frizz said...

Look forward to seeing the etsy animals when they are done and dusted. Will be time for a show and tell.

Love the pic of you and your special sis 'Angel Gurl'.