Friday, May 25, 2007

I have been having fun doing The Biggest User Challenges over at Country Papercrafts.

As well as the bottom 3 points scorers being eliminated, this week all of the entries will be opened up to all registered users of Country Papercraft and you get to vote for your 5 favourite layouts.

The 3 with the fewest votes will also be eliminated!!!

Yep, that means 6 ladies will be gone by Sunday.

If you feel like putting in a vote just go and register here , voting will be open from 4pm (NZ time) Saturday until 1pm (NZ time) on Sunday.

There are 3 kiwis left in the comp ,Me (Sams Mum), Ann(scrapgurl) and Christi (NZ mommy) and a lot of very talented Australian ladies…. good luck to everyone who is in the comp.

Dancing Queen is my entry for this week.

Good Luck Ann and Christi.We have to stay off that fence.LOL

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


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Can anyone tell me a reason why I have silly boxes with x's in them instead of my photo's,they were there while I was typing my post.Agah.

Any tips would be helpful.Thanks.
This is Dads favorite bull he was selling and it sold for $9200.
Here is Katelyn and Max drawing the prizes.Katelyn was worried that Gail would know it was hers and Max's job to draw the numbers and give out the prizes.LOL.

Anyone wanting a Beautiful Gentle South Devon Bull let me know and I will put you in contact with Dad.LOL.
This is my favorite tree at Dads farm and I am always taking photos of it.
Well we have just had the weekend down at my Dads farm.To help him and Gail(new lovely wife) to prepare for their annual bull sale.We had a great time as my Nana was there from Hokitika and my brother Dave from Mossburn(Southland).And Gails sister Nancy from Hokitika,who I have know all my life.What a laugh we all had.You how a lot of people have a "at home personality" and a "socializing personality",well I have found I only knew Nancy's "socializing personality" ,Holy Moly funny and the rude jokes.
This is my Nana Dossie,Nancy,Gail and Max and Katelyn in the background.They are waiting for the sale to start.AKA Catering Team!!!We were very busy ladies in the kitchen catering for about 80 people.Max and Katelyn were our tasters.LOL
This is my Dad ,he is just welcoming everyone to Westhams South Devon Sale.And the guy leaning on the stick with the green cap on is Dave my brother.
This Max biding again on the bulls.He wanted one for your lawn.LOL.He kepted saying to me "Clarke(auctioneer) wont look at me Mum".He was getting quite cross with him.LOL

Saturday, May 19, 2007

My baby is growing up,and I want her to stop.If anyone knows how I can stop her doing this let me know.
I love her hair being shoulder length.Very cute.And no more tears when doing her hair.That has got to be a good thing.For her and me. We took there's photo's last Thursday,Katelyn,Max and 2 of their friends had a ball in the leaves.
Oh and Max stopped about about twice for me to get a photo of him.

Yesterday Max had PJ PARTY at Kindy and loved it.For some reason the boys had to run around a like crazed little people.Maybe they felt like super hero's in with their dressing gowns.

Max was very tired when I picked him up.

Well I better going and start packing ,we are going to my Dads farm for the weekend ,to help prepare for his annaul bull sale on Monday.Anyone wanting a beautiful South Devon Bull let me know.LOL.

It's always lots of fun.

Have a great weekend everyone!!
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Sunday, May 06, 2007

This is the photo that didn't work in the post from this morning.I don't know why that happens,I did pick the big size so maybe that was it.It was there when I checked it.Who knows.Fingers crossed.
Sam's Garden:Here is my Mum(Denise) and Tony busy planting special trees for Sam yesterday.Lots of family and friends have brought trees and rose bushes for us to plant for Sam.

It warms my heart how kind people are to think of this.Thank-you everyone,so much.This garden is going to be a very special place for us to go and think of Sam.

Three days after Sam was born,my Dad and Gail took Katelyn and Max to town shopping and Dad wanted to buy a tree in memory of Sam.And he asked Katelyn and Max what type of tree they should get.
Katelyn said "A Orange tree as every time we pick a orange we can think of the juice being LOVE from Sam."
Well that just blow Dad and Gail away.More tears for Dad and Gail.

And more tear when they arrived home with the orange tree and told us the story.

It just shows you how much children's little minds are thinking all the time.I love our children so much.Katelyn,Max and Sam.XXX

We are going to finish the garden later today,so I will take a photo of the garden completed later and blog it.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Our Baby Sam is being acknowledged!!

Yesterday I received a letter from The Department of Internal Affairs asking us to register Sam's birth.I was so happy to receive this as we were told at the hospital stillborn babies needed to be 23 weeks to be registered and we lost our Darling Sam at 20 weeks.

When we left ed the hospital I felt so strange,because I had no id band removed(because I didn't have one on).There was no paper work for us.I felt our little darling didn't matter and we were being let out the back door quietly.Surely we should have some paper work to take to the funeral home?This didn't make alot of sense to us.

And we may be able to get a birth certificate.