Wednesday, May 23, 2007

This is my favorite tree at Dads farm and I am always taking photos of it.
Well we have just had the weekend down at my Dads farm.To help him and Gail(new lovely wife) to prepare for their annual bull sale.We had a great time as my Nana was there from Hokitika and my brother Dave from Mossburn(Southland).And Gails sister Nancy from Hokitika,who I have know all my life.What a laugh we all had.You how a lot of people have a "at home personality" and a "socializing personality",well I have found I only knew Nancy's "socializing personality" ,Holy Moly funny and the rude jokes.
This is my Nana Dossie,Nancy,Gail and Max and Katelyn in the background.They are waiting for the sale to start.AKA Catering Team!!!We were very busy ladies in the kitchen catering for about 80 people.Max and Katelyn were our tasters.LOL
This is my Dad ,he is just welcoming everyone to Westhams South Devon Sale.And the guy leaning on the stick with the green cap on is Dave my brother.
This Max biding again on the bulls.He wanted one for your lawn.LOL.He kepted saying to me "Clarke(auctioneer) wont look at me Mum".He was getting quite cross with him.LOL

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Janine said...

looks like you all had a blast!! can't say I want max with me at any auctions. He is dangerous to have around.