Saturday, May 19, 2007

My baby is growing up,and I want her to stop.If anyone knows how I can stop her doing this let me know.
I love her hair being shoulder length.Very cute.And no more tears when doing her hair.That has got to be a good thing.For her and me. We took there's photo's last Thursday,Katelyn,Max and 2 of their friends had a ball in the leaves.
Oh and Max stopped about about twice for me to get a photo of him.

Yesterday Max had PJ PARTY at Kindy and loved it.For some reason the boys had to run around a like crazed little people.Maybe they felt like super hero's in with their dressing gowns.

Max was very tired when I picked him up.

Well I better going and start packing ,we are going to my Dads farm for the weekend ,to help prepare for his annaul bull sale on Monday.Anyone wanting a beautiful South Devon Bull let me know.LOL.

It's always lots of fun.

Have a great weekend everyone!!
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Hannah said...

Awwww! If you find out how to make them stop growing, let me know, will ya? ;-)

Have a nice weekend away!

Janine said...

Have fun this weekend Loo Loo. Well hate to tell you this lol but they will keep getting bigger lol. I was thinking max was in his pjs in that photo of him and the fort. Looks like the boys had fun. Love the autumn leaves surounding the kids.

Ann said...

Sorry, they don't stop!
They just get more

Katelyn looks great with shoulder length hair and Max looks so cute running around in his PJ's.
Hope you have a fun weekend away at your dads.

Mrs Frizz said...

Have a cracker weekend away at the farm.

Loving the pics with the autumn leaves.

Mel said...

That photo of Katelyn is fantasic- the colours. Love her pink clothes and the autumn colours in the leaves. Fantastic!

Julie said...

I so love the colours of autumn!! Gorgeous!
Makes for stunning photographs