Friday, June 08, 2007

I am doing a very happy dance here.LOL.I have booked holiday to see my beautiful niece Lori Marie.She is already 8 weeks old and I haven't seen her.I didn't won't to go down to soon after losing Sam.So I have booked to go in October.I think I should fine by then.I can't wait to see her and of course I can't wait to see my little brother as a father.He is such cool guy and children love him.Katelyn and Max ADORE HIM!!!!!!!!!!
I know he will be the best DAD.I just want to see him in action.Luckily they are coming to visit us soon.
Erin (my SIL) is a wonderful Mum,we were talking the other morning and I just loved talking to her as I could just feel the love and emotion she has for Lori.Lori had a little chat to me too.LOL.

I bet you would love to see a photo of Lori.Hang on I will get her.LOL

Isn't she just so beautiful!!!

Oh and you wouldn't believe this..........when I head down South(Lori lives in Mossburn, Southland)(oh where there is heaps of snow today) my plane is going to drop me off in Christchurch and OMG it is going to be Senz!!!!!
I will be there for 2 nights.So my happy dance just goes on and on.I can't wait to meet some of the wonderful scrapping friends I have meet online.And catch with a few I have already meet....Michele,Vicky,Elena and Jacs.....

I don't think I better work out how many sleeps yet.LOL.

Well I better go bake my Dads birthday cake now.

Have a great weekend everyone.

My DD is off on her first Brownie camp and she isn't sure about going with out Mum.EEeekk.She has just started being a bit worried about staying over night with friends lately.Which stocked Tony and I as she has stayed over with friends from about the age of 3.I am sure she will be okay.Fingers crossed.


Hannah said...

What exciting news!! She is just adorable, and I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time visiting her ... and of course getting along to SENZ South!! Woohoo!

Janine said...

hey she is a cutie and well done on boiking that trip in October and seeing her again and spending time at SENZ. hmmmm Katelyn will enjoy camp she is probaly just a bit nervous as this is a brownie camp and she doesn't know what to expect. Maybe also just being away from Sam??

Mel said...

I think you deserve a wee break what with all your sadness/stress this year. Hope you have a fantastic time. (And,yes, she is very cute.)

scrapgeek said...

She is gorgeous - enjoy your trip :)

Meg McKenzie said...

Too cute Lynda! Woohoo to visting SENZ - do you think you can persuade those 2 pesky sidekicks of yours to join you!!! Will be fantastic to meet you in real life!!

Mrs Frizz said...

Look forward to catching up at some stage over the weekend at SENZ ... looking forward to heading up there myself.

Your niece is a right little cutie ... and yep, it's a bit cold in the deep south at the moment ... just a wee tad.