Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Playgroup's Mini Sport's Day!!!
Yesterday we had a great day with our playgroup.

We had a picnic lunch,walnut and spoon race,cuddle race
(this was very funny),lion races(ask Max what they are),
backwards races,tug of war(which the thick rope broke
as soon as the Kids put any pressure on it.

Aaron thought he was very strong as it broke in his hands.
He was very happy!!LOL

It was very windy and the kids had to keep chasing balls
and picnic rugs that took off in the wind.

Both teams had a win.And lots of laugh's and a couple of injuries.
Nothing to major,thank goodness.Lots of laugh's.

I am not sure why we can't see the photo's,I will try to republish the post.


Hannah said...

Sadly I can't see any of the photos, but it sounds like a fun day!!

janine said...

yip sounded like a fun day. I can;t see photos either and all of your posts seem like they are out of order.

Ann said...

Sounds like a great day!