Wednesday, April 25, 2007

ANZAC DAY..........Lest We Forget!!!

I think of my Grandad Gordie as I miss him alot and I am very proud of him too.
Gordie never talked to me about the war(he was in the Islands) ,my Dad says he had alot of bad memories
and didn't want to talk about.

So it made me very proud to see Katelyn marching this morning with her Brownie group.

And I could see how proud she was of herself.

We made some Anzac biscuits when we got home,yummy.

Now I better go help with some painting.


Kelly said...

Parading with the brownies.... I'd say there's a fair few of us that have done that over the years. Great pic!

janine said...

yes I remember my days of marching with the brownies in the parade.

Hannah said...

You must have been so proud, Lynda. I saw your post on SE about how she said she felt "funny" and you told her it was pride - how precious is that!! LOVE IT!