Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Here is our Sunday Lunch!Sorry I forgot to take a photo of it cooked.Boy it was lovely!!
It's from the " New Zealand Healthy Food Guide" !!Max and Katelyn loved it and it was so healthy.
It's in July mag' on page 24.Check it out.

Pot-Roasted Chicken!!

Today is Max's first ever "FUN DAY" at school !!And we got woken up to him yelling it's 'My Fun Day'.
We nearly had a heart attack.
We baked Chocolate Chip Biscuits last night for his shared lunch.He took a board game to play.They also painted lots today.

He is very tired now.
He is also 'Student of the Week' , to add to the excitement.In this photo he is standing front of his
'Student of the Week' poster.

You are looking so grown up and handsome my Darling.
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Mrs Frizz said...

Gorgeous layout Lynda ... and what a handsome young buccaneer [pirate] ...

Would love for you to scan and share that recipe ... please!!!