Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tony is modeling the Tee's we had made for the Mucking Show.
We had a few made as Tony's Dad and Brother Steve helped and Katelyn and Max wanted 1 each.Oh and hats,a must in Sunny Hawkes Bay.LOL.All good to help with self promotion.LOL.Fun thing was the paver guys had done the same thing and had choosen the same colour T-shirt.Funny.
So here is the Firth's Outdoor Fire Place starting to take place.It all comes in casted sections ,which have to be put on a foundation.Each section has to be put over steel which is cemented into the foundations.So this is a very heavy and tricky job,lifting such big heavy section up over the top of the steel.Then the fire bricks are placed.
Here is Tony on the left,his Dad Harold in the middle and his brother Steve on the right.The guys in the background are the pavers.LOL.

Now for some reason blogger doesn't like me uploading to many photo's at once and I am going to try and add the rest without having to do lots of post.LOL.
No sorry can't seem to do it.
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Alison said...

Looks great, will be nice to have that finished. Your photos in last post are also jsut boxes wiht a x in then not sure if its jsut my computer or if everyone is seeing them like this

Lynda said...

Blast I am not sure how to fix that.I will try.

Megan said...

Ooh, that is so cool! And just what we want outside! I will have to check out the link!!