Tuesday, July 15, 2008

3 generations of Manning plaster's.Not quite.But Tony is the 3rd generation Manning Plaster.So cute our little people loved that their Dad was on TV.They were so proud of him.Morning talks at school.
Does doesn't the fireplace look so cool.I am so proud of Tony.He was under alot of pressure doing this job,which he did in 3 days in a row ,which should have taken abit longer.And not being able to get everything close to his work area.Lots of heavy equipment and product.
Here is Mark from Firth's(thanks for all your help Mark),Tony the garden designer(we hope hope your foot has healed Tony),Jim the host of the show and a "hard case",Tony No 1 Plasterer in the Bay,Harold Tony's Dad who he learnt his trade from and Max and Katelyn(the 4th generation plasterers!!)LOL
This is Kris and Tony.Kris such a Lover Lady.Here she is thanking Tony.Congratulation's Kris enjoy your beautiful garden for many years.Well deserved.
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Alison said...

Wow the end result looks stunning.

Witht he other photos maybe if you delete and upload them again they might show up? Im not much of a computer person so cant help really, sorry