Thursday, August 30, 2007

Paying it Forward.

Ok so I am going to Draw everyone out for "Playing it Forward",because I so couldn't leave one person out.

So Hannah,Ann,Julie and Annelie I hope you enjoy playing it forward too.

Annelie I just need your address,I will PM when Scrapbook Essentials is all well again.

Ladies I will arrange some yummies over the next few days and send your treats to you very soon.

Thanks for playing with me.And making more Happy Mail for everyone.


Ann said...

awwww....thank you Lynda!

That was a nice surprise this afternoon.

Ann said...

I recieved my PIF.....there was no return addy and i couldn't read the postmark, so i think it was from you???

Thank you, it was lovely!

Hannah said...

Thank you for the Happy Mail which I received yesterday .... so lovely!! It was especially thoughtful to include the chipboard "E" and "T" for my boys! Thanks :-)