Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I am thinking of my younger brother Dave today as he is having his back opperated on today in Invercargill.I wish I could be there with him.

It sucks living at opposite ends of the country.Oh funny I just received a text from my sister in law erin.He has just gone in.

Dave was looking forward to the sleep.LOLHe has been going bad on the farm trying to get everything finished.

Great news the plumber is starting the outside drains at our house today.It will be great to have toilets.LOL.

Who is going to "Scrapped" the Movie?

Well better do some more jobs on my list.


Mel said...

Great to see you up and blogging, Lynda. I've added you to my links.
What a bummer about the break in - people are awful aren't they? Some people near us had a gorgeous new fence built these past few weeks. In the weekend some delightful person pulled one paling off from every section of fence. I would love to catch them doing it!

Hope everything is looking up.

yaseen_nz said...

Welcome to the blogging world Lynda - from one newbie to the other.
Thanks for the hug! Made me feel so good :)
Sad to read about the break in - I dont know what goes through some peoples minds... I'll be sending good protective energies for around your property.
And a *hug* for you and hope you heard good news about your brother already. As to physical distance, some wise person once said love and good thoughts dont know distance...they go straight to the other persons heart.

Janine said...

Have you heard how the op went? Dave and Erin will know that you are thinking fo them both at this time.

Keryn Campbell said...

Hi Lynda

I went to see Scrapped the Movie on Tuesday night in pouring rain and gusty wind, Yay Wellington. I really liked the movie and I think I finally get what scrapbooking is all about now. Thankyou to Kiwiscraps, as the friend I went with won our tickets on the radio that afternoon.