Saturday, October 21, 2006

Can I do this.I think I can.Very spooky.
Um what do I say.

Firstly I would like to thank Jane for setting this up for me.THANKS JANE.YOU ROCK!!

Secondly I would like to thank my Mum and Dad.Noooooooo
Just kidding.

Hey check this out:

It's a very cool blog with cardmaking dares.Which has lots of very talented ladies from NZ and the UK.

So I dare you to try your luck.

Today Tony and I ,oh and our 'little people 'have been painting the outside of our house!Thats what Labour weekend is about.Right.
Well it is at our house.And it is at Katelyns boyfriends house.Lewis is helping his Dad to paint the roof.

Oh and our neighbour Dave came over to help design our new garden.He has a native nursery with his wife Sue.They are cool neighbours.

After afternoon tea we had a water fight with water pistols.Great fun.

Go Wellington for the rugby tonight.Mum is going to the game with her twin sister Dallas.That will be a blast.They both back opposing teams.LOL

Ok better bath my darlings now,LOL I feel like another water fight.

oh and I know I can't spell,just close your eyes.LOL


Anonymous said...

WTG Lynda, your own Blog, Congrats of being part of the Design Team for Daringcardmakers. Happy painting and I'll see you Wednesday night when we see "Scrapped - the Movie".

Megan M said...

Welcome to blogworld Lynda! WTG on being part of the daringcardmakers, might inspire me to actually make them instead of buying them!!

Raewyn said...

Hi Lynda
Will add both these new blogs to my list so will be stalking regularly! See you Wednesday night too
btw - your blog link needs to be fixed on the daringcardmakers blog.
Have a great Anniversary/Labour weekend. Raewyn

Jane said...

ooooh ! what have we here then ! Lynda in blog land. yay ! well done Lynda ! I'm of to sort the link out on the dare blog now.

SharonL said...

Hi Lynda

Many thanks for leaving such a nice message on my new blog. This is a very new world to me ... YIKES!!!!
I really hope you enjoy your blog and all that it will bring you.
Please give Jane a hug from me when you next see her :)

Janine said...

well done Loo Loo, now I can access your blog I couldn't this morning when I saw the link.

tanyaleigh said...

WTG Lynda on getting a blog. I love your card on the daringcardmakers blog, thanks for the PM telling me to go have a look. I might even have to have a go....

SharonL said...

Hi Lynda
DOH is me .... I thought you and Jane must be living round the corner from each other :)
Save that hug from me then, for when you do get to meet up.
Best wishes, Sharon

karen said...

Congrats Lynda ... wow the pressure is on to blog when you join a DT eh!! Have fun in blogworld :-) and hope the weather's good for painting this weekend (not in *this* part of NZ ...)

Michele said...

Welcome to blogland Lynda - and good luck with the Daringcardmakers - will check that out too.
We've been doing the hard labour on the house this weekend too - nearly there!

Kathy said...

Great to see you here, Lynda - you'll soon get used to it and waffle on about stuff like the rest of us do!

You must know so many people - just look at all those comments you've got already - did you take an ad. out in the NZ papers then?

Lynda said...

Fun Kathy.No.Just the forum I belong to and my good friend Janine linking my blog on her blog.

Mel said...

I need a neighbour like yours - think you could send the garden man down to Lower Hutt?

Ann said...

Hiya Lynda and welcome to blogging!
(waving madly)