Sunday, August 05, 2012

Some of my favourite layouts.

My 'lil Maxie'.I love the colours and structure of this page.
I am not sure what i love about this one.Colour maybe.

Mum and Max off to a rugby game together.
I love thetractors doing wheelies!!

I love GREEN.And my children!!xoxox
I love everything about this page.Soft colours,bling,bird,flowers,chipboard,butterflies and Katelyn!!xox

I love this one for the same reasons as above.Soft and pretty.

I love bright and silly.
I love the sweet moment here with my brother and Lori.

Crazy fun with Max and Katelyn.
My 40th party last year.

I love theGrunge and distress of this page.I love doing double layouts.
This double layout is about 4 years old and I still love it so much and I don't know why.Maybe it's the passion Katelyn has when cooking.xoxo

Thanks for calling by!!Have a great Sunday everyone.
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Kerryn said...

It's always fun looking back through our layouts and seeing what our favourites are. You have shared a great selection of pages here!
Thanks for stopping by my blog Lynda and for your lovely comments :).