Saturday, August 15, 2009

Great family time!!Cute cousins, they have all just got out of the bath (oh that was a mess in there after all their fun)LOL.So they decided to dress-up.Cowboys,Shopping Queen and Angel!!
Lori sure does like sing star!I have got some very funny video for her 21 Birthday.She liked the feel of the Mic on her tongue and licked like an Ice Cream.So funny.
Max is teaching her to dance.

Lori had lots fun at the park with Katelyn and Max!!

We have had a great time this past week!!Dave(my Brother),Erin and Lori arrived for a surprize visit.Only Mum and Tony knew they were coming.
So last Sunday we had to take Lori to Marine Parade Park for a play.Get a Ice Cream at at 'Lick This' at Marieland.

Fun times here for Max with Dad,playing on the tipping surf board.

Breakfast time at the Manning's with the Bradley's!Are't they all cute.

We had to bake Lori a Chocolate Chip Crown cookie.Katelyn ordered a crown too and Max went for a Plane cookie!!Oh these's kids are so cute!!

Hey where did my cookie go Katelyn!!Don't eat eat it.Poor Lori had a terrible time trying to keep her Dad away from her cookie.She calls biscuits ,Piscuits.So cute.

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Mel said...

Those piscuits looks very yummy!