Saturday, May 30, 2009

The view of Dobel from School ,this is where we are walking to today with the Year 2's.
Sorry all my photo's have gone all out of order.

TODAY we went up Dobel Reserve for "Our Special Places" study.We climbed up the top to turn around and check out our beautiful community.The year 2 children have been learn about their school and community.It's been very interesting to find out much the children knew and very funny.I was working in a Year 1 class the other day and they were asked 'what does Mrs Roberts do?'(She is the school nurse at lunchtime).1 of the children said she is the fix it lady in that room.So cute.

Oh check out the autumn tree in the middle of this photo and just behind it is our class and next to it is Max's class.And the children are just running back into class after morning playtime.
Anyway I work in a Year 2 class aswell and I went as the photographer and the back leader (which means make sure no one gets to far behind).And Max is in the classroom next to mine, so we got to check out some of the beautiful views of Napier together.I loved all his question's........ not one of them was about our community........they were all about would there be deer over in that bush or do you think there are rabbits up here.So funny ,I so love him.

Heading back down the track.We have had a great day.

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