Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Max has been busy these's holiday's.He wanted to make traffic light jelly. So we set to and made the jelly.He wasn't so good at waiting for the jelly to set.LOL.

So here's his recipe:
Lime Jelly
Pineapple Jelly
Strawberry Jelly
Flake bar.

So you would think that I have 3 cute kids happy eating Traffic Light Jellies??

But no my children decided they don't like Jelly.

Very Lucky for the very Cute Mackinley, as he was very happy to have 3 of them to put away.LOL.
And yes this is me on the digger!I am busy trying to dig the trench for the power cable to go into ,for Mum house at the front of our house.

Boy are these's little toy's hard to drive.Good for a laugh!!!
Katelyn and Max are bird watching here, at the back of house.They are watching a mother Puekeo(sp) and her babies.

We are so lucky having this steam at the back of our house.We see so much wildlife in here.Ducks,White Herions,Grey Herions and lots of Hawks.Great place to play on the Kayak too.

We have also been doing alot of cycling lately.On Sunday I rode 32 kms.It was great.We are very lucky here in Napier as the councils have been doing lots of cycle tracks everywhere.I biked from Napier to Houmoana and back.And Tony and the kids did from Clive to Houmoana and back to Clive.
I do not like being on the road with other Traffic,it is so hair raising.Some people have no idea.

Well I better get on with the sewing.Katelyn wants to make a hand bag.Will be lots of fun.I hope!i HAVEN'T LET HER LOSE ON THE SEWING MACHINE BEFORE.

Wish me luck.

I will share when we have finished.
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Scrappykea said...

busy times with your kids need to create...good on you for doing the digger thing, I'd be too worried about embarrassing myself to try it!

Mel said...

The jelly thing made me laugh - Elliot loves to make it but hates the taste/texture, too.

lynne1 said...

Oh looks like busy times indeed.
Also wanted to say you are one lovely blog.

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Smiles and sunshine coming your way.

Time to relax said...

you need to use that jelly that uses cold water i think it sets in like 1 hour from memory....

Time to relax said...

yum i so need to make some traffic light jelly now for the kids of course haha (im tanya from the sketch book just incase your wondering who i am hehe