Saturday, June 07, 2008

Ok so this morning Katelyn, Nana and Marion(our lovely next door neighbour) head off to a local high schools annual big book sale.
Nana spent $85 and Marion $15 and Katelyn just helped to make Nana's bill high.LOL.

Anyway this beautiful little girl brought books for everyone.Max got some animal and cars book's ,Dad got rugby books x 2.And Nana got lots of her fav's authors(about 30.)

Anyway check out what Katelyn choose for me.LOL.But look closer at the ones she is holding.I nearly snorted when I saw them.Funny.
I can so see why she choose them.She was going by there colour and design.So my daughter,nice colours and flowers.
Can you read the covers...Adultery...The Clothesline Diet Club and Wives and Lovers.I am so keeping these's and wrapping them up and giving them to her when she turns 21.LOL.
So Sweet and only 8 and half.Katelyn I Love You so much Honey.You crack me up every day.
Nana you are so not taking my children to a video shop!!!!!!!Can you imagine what they might come home with.My Mum had not even noticed what Katelyn had choosen until she gave them to me at home.LOL.Tony nearly wet himself when he saw these books.

Funny day here.How is your day treating you?

Lynda and mad family.
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Angel Gurl said...

too funny.......thats gotta be a layout

Alison said...

thats so funny and I can jsut imagine the look on her face when she unwraps them for her 21st,lol

Hannah said...

ROFLMBO!!!! That is hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

Oh hahahaha well done - to precious!

Ann said...

Well done Katelyn.
What a crack up!
I can just imagine the look on your face when you read those titles Lynda.

Mel said...

That would be sooo funny to wrap up Katelyn's books and keep them for her 21st - you HAVE to do that!

Lesli said...

That is so wonderfully funny! I absolutely love book sales!!!!