Monday, March 05, 2007

This my Dad and his new wife Gail. They were married in Hokitika in Feb.We had a great time.Aren't they a beautiful couple.
This is Michele and Mark,my DH(Tony) cousin.Great beach wedding in Papamoa.Feb.
This is another cousin of Tony's,Craig and Regan got married in Eskdale Church H.B.(Feb)
This is Sue and Phil(Max) they got married in Jan'.sue is my cousin.Married in Napier.

Now I did try to up load another photo of Janine and Mike's wedding but it didn't arrive here.I think Janine did that as she wants a post all to herself.(as it's ALL about Her...oh and Mike!!!!!!!!)LOL.!!!!!!So I will go and found them now.

Now this is some of the reason we have been very busy this summer with 5 wedding to to celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They were all great and very different.We are worried we may not get another wedding invite for quite sometime.LOL
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Janine said...

wow you and your family are special all those invites!!! lol at thinking you wouldn't get any more invites. Hey all of those dresses are stunning. Your dad looks so happy.

Hannah said...

Wow Lynda, you sure have been to a lot of weddings!! Me ... I've been to 2 this year! LOL :-) But a few last year, and hopefully more to come in the future as some of our single friends get themselves hitched ;-)
I love weddings! And all the photos look wonderful, very special memories for you I'm sure.

Ann said...

Boy what a lot of weddings you have been to this year!

I don't know of anybody getting hitched this year.

Your dad and his new wife look really happy.

Mel said...

Oh my goodness - all those weddings - I haven't been to a wedding since my sister got married about 4 years ago (at our place!). Love weddings